Size Doesn't Matter to Hackers

Cybercriminals will target your business no matter how large or small, but there are ways to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern for all businesses no matter the size or market.  Many small businesses think they are too small to be on hackers’ radar.  That is not the case!
The reality is many hackers see smaller firms as easy targets just because they are easier to breach than the large firms. Large companies are making data security a priority, but the truth is, every business needs to make it a priority.
Smaller companies are the low hanging fruit for cybercriminals, cybersecurity should be critical for these small businesses as well.  The most common problems are a lack of vulnerability testing, insufficient procedures around securing devices and internet connectivity, weak passwords and having no, or inadequate, cybersecurity insurance.

One-man shops think they are so small, they are not really high on the target list for cyber issues, Unfortunately, it’s not just the company that’s the target, it’s his customers. Anyone can get their emails hacked.

Another issue is smaller firms feeling overwhelmed by the threat and helpless to do anything about it.  While small firms may lack financial resources, they may have an advantage over large institutions when it comes to preventing and responding to data breaches.  Most breaches are the result of human error … for example, falling for a phishing email or making a private document public … giving smaller companies fewer vulnerabilities.
The challenge we are finding is most IT Security companies are quick to sign up for tests or audits which can be costly, and are quick to walk away when the report is delivered. They are unable to offer solutions.  Believe or not, it doesn’t have to break the bank to protect your business.  
This is where AlphaONE is different! We strive to not only find the issues, but fix them, and help our Customers continually evolve their IT & InfoSec programs to stay one-step ahead of the bad guys.  We build our services and solutions with security in mind from the start – not as an after-thought. And while our competitors build solutions around a customer’s history, AlphaONE is working to predict & prevent your next possible threat.
Whatever your company’s size, your information is critical to you and your customers.   Working with AlphaONE will let you rest assured knowing that everyone’s data is safe. Take the first step to a more secure future, call us at 833-ALPHA-ONE or 334-245-3125.