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Cloud Security

Cloud computing and storage providers allow companies to host their digital assets in 3rd party data centers. Even though there is a shift in physical responsibility, a company must still secure those assets end-to-end. This includes design, development, and execution of a secure system on appropriate architectural components available from the cloud providers.

AlphaONE provides IT Security services across all of the major IaaS cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) as well as key PaaS/SaaS providers.

Cloud Security Consulting

Cloud Security Consulting engagements typically drive a company’s IT team to develop initiatives governing cloud usage, preventing security threats, and ensuring security compliance requirements are still met. Many of traditional security focal points are still observed but adapted for 3rd party, hosted platforms.

AlphaONE’s Cloud Security Consultants will work closely with your operational team to come up with practical solutions to enhance your cloud governance and security. We will help your team understand how cloud technology works while protecting or transmitting data within the Cloud.

Traditional Security Services (adapted for Cloud Providers)